06. Human Res…ponses

To make any project come true, “to do stuff” – as Carlo puts it – you need loads of things: money, time, knowledge but most importantly….you need a team! And as natural as it is for all of us, getting that team among your immediate friends circle might not be that bright idea after all. And once you have a team, growing it might be the highest-rewarding challenge you’ll haver get to face!

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As this is a really dense topic, this time around we have more notes to include other than just links.

Reid Hoffman on how to Hire For Culture Fit. – Youtube

Team Management – some take away:

  • Having a team is essential in any endeavor, think politics, think an ngo, think everything in which it’s up to you to take the initiative. (think of creating a platform rather than a standalone environment)
  • HR is both a fascinating challenge and something you never spend enough time on; it usually becomes painfully evident once things are not gearing up the way they should with your new team mate.
  • The hard task is understanding when it’s right to have that gut feeling or simply the other person’s mindset is different than yours.

Some more keywords:

  • Culture definition comes before hiring;
  • You should really hire only when “it hurts” – Hiring is a complex process to manage any time;
  • It’s ok to have frank conversations with your peers;
  • You’ll need a Blueprint of your team as well, before you go on the look out